MOT Tests

MOT Testing Bay in Newbury, Berkshire

Ignition Motorsport MOT Tests are available from our VOSA MOT Test Bay in Newbury, Berkshire. We’re open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and can even offer MOTs on Sundays!

Booking online using the form below or give us a call on 01635 31439.

We also offer pre MOT preparation services so that you don’t have any nasty surprises. We also print duplicate MOT certificates if yours is lost or stolen.

Free re-tests within 10 working days.

  • Booking form, book by phone option
  • After 6pm and Sundays
  • Pictures of MOT bay
  • MOT preparation
  • Free retest with 10 working days
  • Duplicate MOT certificates
  • Class 4
  • Relax in our clean/friendly reception area, watch some TV and use our FREE Wi-Fi

Servicing & Repairs

We take care for your vehicle

At Ignition Motorsport, We take vehicle servicing and repairs very seriously, using only quality branded parts, lubricants and equipment to ensure your vehicle gets the very best care and attention.

From our workshop in Newbury, Berkshire, Ignition Motorsport carry out:

  • Oil filter changes
  • Engine oil changes
  • Air filter changes
  • Pollen filter changes
  • Screen wash check and top up
  • Antifreeze check and record
  • Brake fluid check and top up
  • Anti-seize compound to locks, hinges, battery terminals and catches
  • Check tyre tread
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Spark plugs change (if applicable)
  • Power steering fluid check and top up
  • Diff oil check and top up
  • Gearbox oil check and top up
  • Axle oil check and top up
  • Battery check terminals and levels
  • Front wheels remove, clean and check brakes
  • Rear wheels remove wheels and brake drums, clean and check brakes
  • Handbrake check and adjust
  • Suspension ball joints check
  • Track rod ends check
  • Suspension springs check
  • Shock absorbers check
  • Exhaust system check
  • Front wheel bearings check
  • Belts- check inc fan, power steering, air con, timing belt interval
  • Fuel cap check
  • Screen, wipers and washers check and test
  • Complete lighting test
  • Seat belts check condition and operation
  • Internal controls check and test
  • Trim, number plates, mirrors check for damage
  • Coolant system check and top up
  • Air conditioning check syst
  • Clutch fluid check and top up
  • Wheel bearings check for noise/play
  • Service light re-set (most models)
  • Road test
  • Service book stamped



Professional Race & Rally Car Services

Ignition Motorsport offer many professional Motorsport services from Race & Rally car preparation, accident repair, roll cage fabrication, roll cage installation and motorsport fabrication, modifications & a full range of on-event services & support crew team for your weekend.

We have the facility and knowledge to build a competitive and reliable car for forest or tarmac events or make an existing car into a competitive, reliable car. We can carry out event servicing to a high and professional standard. We are willing to discuss projects and give advice.

We also carry out servicing and general repairs to road cars and track cars alike and are willing to carry out repairs and give advice to suit your budget. We also supply a variety of parts at competitive prices.


Vehicle Inspection

We can take a look under the bonnet

Our vehicle inspections comprise of checks for roadworthiness. We will list faults which require attention as well as comments on vehicles overall condition.

Our vehicle inspection engineer inspects the car in question and will let you know if it has any problems. This offers peace of mind if you’re looking to purchase a car or if you would like a health-check on your current vehicle.

  • Guaranteed confidentiality and impartiality.
  • Verbal report the same day as the vehicle inspection.
  • Vehicle inspections are carried out at our garage premises in Newbury, Berkshire
  • Quick response times & reports given in person or via email.
  • We will provide free advice – without any obligation.

vehicle-inspections - newbury

We offer an accident & breakdown recovery service, based in Newbury, Berkshire.

Give us a call on 01635 31439


ECU Re-Mapping

Professional tuning service in Newbury, Berkshire

We offer a professional engine ECU remapping and performance tuning service from our workshop in Newbury, Berkshire.

If you want more power or economy from your car, it’s worth considering a remap. This alters how the engine works in order to improve performance, and is also known as chipping. Remaps are made possible by your car’s engine control unit (ECU). This controls the ignition timing, air/fuel mixture and (on turbo cars) boost pressure.

ecu-re-mapping - newbury

Head Skimming Service

The cure to your head gasket woes

We offer a professional engine head skimming service  from our workshop in Newbury Berkshire.

Specialist engineering for cylinder heads, cylinder blocks and crankshafts. Cylinder head pressure testing, skimming, valve facing seat cutting, valve seat inserts, unleaded conversions.Cylinder block reboring, pressure testing, refacing.Crankshaft regrinding and fitting pistons to conrods. Aluminum welding, Thread repair including helicoil time sert inserting.Supply of gasket sets, head bolts, pistons, piston rings, bearings, valves, oil pumps, camshafts, followers, hydraulic lifters, timing chain kits, timing belts kits, thermostats, oil. New and used cylinder heads, crankshafts conrods.

head-skimming - newbury

Alloy Wheel Repair

Get your wheels looks like new!

From split rim wheel repairs to color-coding services, Ignition Motorsport, Newbury work to improve the look and quality of the vehicles we service. Using a series of advanced mobile alloy wheel refurbishment technologies, we can repair most bolted wheels and split rim wheels.

Our alloy wheel refurbishment technologies make it possible for us to service split rim wheels, alloy wheel bolts, and studs, all from our workshop in Newbury Berkshire.



Welding services and fabrication in Newbury, Berkshire

We provide a high standard of welding services and fabrication using the latest equipment and top quality welding workmanship from our workshop in Newbury Berkshire.

We have been providing high quality and affordable welding repairs to numerous restoration projects, modifications and motorsport preperation. Whether your vehicle has failed an MOT due to corrosion or you need a vehicle restoration project, our car welding services provides the complete solution.

welding - newbury

Machining Services

Head skims, lightened flywheels are more in Newbury, Berkshire

From a head skim to ensure the gasket face is perfectly flat to a full race cylinder head with big valves and everything in between we offer the same high quality of workmanship combined with excellent turn round times.

Our machining services will restore worn engine components to original standards. We are able to work on an extensive range of vehicle engines.

Call us today or pop into our workshop in Newbury, Berkshire to discuss your machining and parts requirements.

machining - newbury

Vehicle Diagnostics

We take care for your vehicle

All modern day vehicles have Electronic Control Units fitted (ECU). Using our advanced diagnostics equipment that plugs into your ECU we can find common electronic faults quickly and cost-effectively.

 From our workshop in Newbury, Berkshire, Ignition Motorsport can resolve complex technical issues such as engine management problems, ABS brake issues, airbag faults and other problems highlighted by the warning lights in your dashboard.

vehicle-diagnostics - newbury

Performance Upgrades

We can fine-tune your car

Ignition Motorsport, Newbury, Berkshire specialise in many elements of engine performance upgrades. From re-maps & engine chips to professional brake upgrades and small sports air filter upgrades. We can fine tune your vehicle and unleash more power, performance and handling or even economy.

Below is just some of the performance & handling tuning upgrades we offer

  • Diagnostic port remapping.
  • ECU remapping – chip upgrades.
  • High flow stainless steel exhaust systems.
  • Suspension and brake upgrades.
  • Air Induction kits.
  • Custom engine management systems available.
  • Performance clutches and gearbox builds.
  • Engine overhaul and upgrades done in-house.
  • Turbo and supercharger conversions and upgrades.

performance-upgrades - newbury

Subaru Specialists

Impreza, Legacy & Forester Performance Upgrades, Repair and Maintenance

Ignition Motorsport, Newbury are Subaru Impreza, Legacy & Forester Specialists in performance upgrades, modification repair and maintenance.

Below is just some of the Subaru specialist services we offer

  • Engine rebuilds
  • Gearbox rebuilds
  • Clutches
  • Cambelts
  • Servicing
  • Bodywork
  • Performance Upgrades
  • Mapping
  • 4 wheel alignment/corner weights
  • 4WD Dyno
  • Service Schedules


On all vehicles the geometry can move out of alignment, this is commonly known as misalignment. There are several reasons why cars become misaligned. From our workshop in Newbury, Berkshire we are able to provide a professional 4 wheel alignment service using our state of the art alignment equipment.

  • Reduced Tyre Wear
    Improper alignment is a major cause of premature tyre wear. Over the years, a properly aligned car can add thousands of miles to tyre life.
  • Improved Fuel Consumption
    Fuel consumption reduces as the drag on the tyres (rolling resistance) decreases. Four wheel alignment sets the wheels straight/parallel, which along with correct tyre pressures, minimises the rolling resistance.
  • Saves Money & Environment
    By preventing premature tyre wear, early tyre disposal and improving fuel economy/ CO2 emissions, it not only reduces the cost of motoring – putting more money in your pocket, but helps the environment too!
  • Improved Handling
    Many handling problems can be corrected by four wheel alignment, giving you the driver a better and enjoyable driving experience.
  • Safer Driving
    Misalignment will make the car less stable when taking emergency or evasive action. A suspension system inspection is part of an alignment procedure, therefore potentially allows worn parts to be spotted before they cause a a more costly problem.

4-wheel-alignment - newbury